Home Body: The self as an experience
Fuuraiki cover
Home body is a weird collection of poetry. It's not often you see a collection that can be cohesive with all the topics inside of it. Much less englobe a total conclusion that not only show us what a person is perciving about a topic but gives us a narrative that will guide us in the long run to explain the differents parts of different poems even if they talk about completely different things.

I think Home Body is the best description you can give to this poem book as Kaur's gives us something that seems unique, handcrafted and tailor made for this book even tho this book is a recopilation of her writting instead of writting talking about herself.

Divided into the Heart, Mind, Rest and Awake each chapter shows us a different part the author reconciliation with her past, family and womanhood. To understand the reasons of why she is writting this gives us enough context to make 3 lines poems feel like they have a great emotional baggage.

I love how honest the book is about conflicting topics. Yes her father was not really there physically or emotionally but she also feels the pain on having to work 3 times as much in detriment of your own health only cuz you are an immigrant and no one is going to hire you so you have to keep driving your truck with an fresh surgury wound. The dehumanizing aspects that society pull over you for being an immigrant, a woman, a poet and the need to deconstruct what makes you a person in each one of this aspects and find community in that same social construct through experiences, sorority and self respect.

And even tho this book is mostly about self respect, it doesnt shy away from recognizing bad habits that keep us from this self realization of love. Looking for abusing lovers and getting bored of non abusive relationship, making excuses for our abusers saying maybe we are not working too hard and that somehow that will make people respect us, how to learn that sometimes, even if our family is built upon this bad habits that we need to distance us away from, that does not mean that theres less love involved for them.

It is by all means, a painful journey.

This is why i think the Rest chapter is the most important, feels like letting go, not only form the hardships that had made us the human person we are but also letting go of our blame to ourselves that haunts all this memories. Respecting what is in there and, not with a critical view, but with a loving and caring view see all the other parts that makes us us.

Theres not much I can write about a poem book without just quoting some poems. But I will say that the fame Kaur got for her poems collections is well deserved. You can even see people trying to go back to this style of writting. Last time I went to the bookstore I saw a poem book by a famous actress using the same format as Kaur's but after a lil inspection it didnt felt the same. But it talks about how endering this honest way of writting is.

Also not to point fingers but I thought we were over the discussion of "what is a poem and what is not" when the whole anti art movement showed us that the academia's idea of what entitled art or not was stupid and that anything can be art. I wonder if the same people Kaur talks about in one of her talks would think the same of Nicanor Parra doing an acronym as a poem.