Favorite Stuff
This is just a recolection of my favorite stuff I find online. I just hope this page can load over time as i update it more and more


The Collection Chamber: A lot of old and obscure games, packed into installers for easy plug an play use in modern systems. It also has a really good youtube channel delving(?) into some of this games


Pokémon Booster Pack Opener: My biggest time waste. i just love opening this things like rocket packs and seeing what i get.


JAYK0A: A tiktok page that goes into explaining banned yugioh card as well as some of the game archetypes, this is the main reason i go to tiktok now.
Animist☀️コマ撮り大道芸人: stop motion animation. really cute stuff.
I love chonky pika
chonky pikachu going to the doctor
One of my fave game intro of all time

God i love this dialogue

(SPANISH)Probably my fave joke in Spongebob (fu yt for now allowing playback)