Anxiety and Hope - 03/09/2022
Tomorrow its the referendum and I feel anxious. I don't mind voting, I encourage most people to do so but this one is more important than any presidential election... I will go early in the morning to vote and try to forget about the whole deal until the results are out.

That's the worse part, waiting. Will we win? Will we start the change that will stop the bleeding? This scar that never seems to heal, the one left from those who aren't even here anymore. A scar that even I, that was born in democracy felt everytime they ask me to say anything of my political preference as a teen cuz I thought it would get me into a list and no one will see me again if another coup happened.

And if we win. Will they let us win? or will they storm once again with thanks and planes destroying the presidential house along with the hopes of anyone that wanted to change something for the better.

Waiting it's the worst part.


bad vibes bro

I don't like politics that much online so I'll leave it as is and talk here about the other stuff I've been doing.

First the higurashi stuff, that took like 2 weeks of my life but I think it was worth it. Did you read it? Did you like it? I certanly did but it got me thinking of books, movies and games that feel like a dream... I know I saw them but I can't seem to find any info online. It's like it never was. Like a far away dream.

I've been taking it easy with the japanese learning due to the burnout but I got my copy of 魔女の宅急便 from amazon so I've been trying to read that from an hour a day and after 3 days I finally got past the first page. Slow but steady.

slow and steady winds the race

I think i will take my kindle tomorrow to do some light reading if the line it's too long. I got a couple of short stories I want to read along with Breast and Eggs.

Oh yeah and I started to do a lot of stupid memes due to noticing that Cloud Strife looks like gohan and posting them on twitter.