Hi! Im Soulstuff! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Where I write mostly about things I like.

This still looks like a normal corporate page with no personality but I working on giving it more personality.

I love to read, play games and delve in a bunch of visual stuff to let out the stress.

Here you will find mostly rambling of myself and some dumb stuff i like to see/play/read.
Latest Updates
14-03-2023: New gaming stuff.More radio silence due to heavy working but I hope to not forget this place at least twice a year :D

16-10-2022: New blog.sorry for the radio silence. Also fixed a lot of typos cuz it's not 2020 ya silly goose

03-09-2022: New blog about what I've been up to. Nothing important really.

01-09-2022: I did a write up on The higurashi basketball fangame. And it took a lot of time. I hope you liked it. Also I've changed the css rules so you might wanna shift+F5 the site.

27-08-2022: New blog about my burnout and some stuff for the future and some rendering issues fixed

22-08-2022: New blog post and gaming write up c:

19-08-2022: We are live baby! let the cringe begin!
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