Welcome to the den, the place I dumb all the stuff I think is worth writting about with enough interest to make pages worth of comments on one thing and not enough to be care to do proper spelling on a webpage.
I hope you enjoy what you read here as much as I enjoyed writting.

Latest Updates
19-02-2024: Theres a new post on the blog section and also a new write up in the gaming section

23-12-2023: I talk about a shogi game

08-09-2023: I read a book. Havent read poetry in a while and i think Kaur's Home Body was the best option to go back to it.

01-09-2023: New Write up. I'm am trying to translate a very important game for a couple of weeks and decided to journal the work so far.

11-07-2023: There is a new layout!!! now it has a lil more of a personality so I'm comfortable keeping it this way for a while cuz i really really really hate css. Tho this page is wider now it is still resposive in phones (v important for me cuz everything i read is mostly on smaller screens) tho i know most people surf neocities from a computer. Still all the responsiveness are heavylifted by the non-smol and only-smol tags. Enjoy.